Saturday, August 30, 2008

Mini-moon for Foodies!!

One of the biggest challenges for us while planning the wedding was a honeymoon destination. Since we got married on Mackinac Island, Michigan, we wanted the event to be in the peak of the summer, this was why we chose August 2. But then we were left wondering as to where to go for honeymoon in August.

Europe is pretty much dead in August and hot! The Carribean? Mexico? Nah - we didn't think that they would be appropriate in the summer. Therefore, Red and I decided on Napa for our mini-moon and boy, were we glad!

We're back and married!

We've been back now for about three weeks - and we're married! I absolutely love not having to deal with the stress of planning a destination wedding and look forward to just spending some quiet time at home with my new hubby and puppy Charlotte. One of the things that I had been wanting to do was to update my new FOOD BLOG!!! So here you go: a recipe to a fave staple at our house!!

Ham & Spinach Quiche
Yield: 6-8

9-inch one crust pie
1 c. sliced/cubed ham
1 c. shredded natural swiss cheese
1/3 c. finely shredded onion
4 large eggs
2 c. heavy whipping cream
1 pckg frozen spinach, thawed, drained.
1/4 tsp. salt
1/4 tsp. pepper
1/8 tsp ground pepper

Roll the pie crust onto a pie dish carefully.
Layer the dish with onion, ham, and then spinach.
Top with shredded cheese.
Whisk eggs, cream, salt, pepper, and ground pepper together.
Pour the egg mixture onto the dish.
Bake in the oven at 425 deg for 35 mins.
Reduce temp to 350, and bake for another 10 mins.
Let stand for 10 mins before slicing.